Stakelogic launches live casino

Stakelogic launches live casino

Stakelogic is a subsidiary of Novomatic. It emerged in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2016 that a series of slots with their three-dimensional graphics entered the gambling industry. This happened at the ICM Totally Gaming Expo.

Seventeen new developments from the new company, using Slots 360 technology, were unveiled. The technology is based on playing back three-dimensional graphics in a virtual reality world. Also, all these projects are located on a specialized mobile platform. To use virtual reality slots and all casino software on mobile devices and tablets.

The advantages of this technology are:

  • The platform runs on the dynamic HTML5 language. This makes all the games here very functional with many payout possibilities and colourful designs.
  • Mutually beneficial collaboration. When playing a particular project, it is not uncommon to question the density of communication between the player and the game elements. To increase the realism of the graphics and reduce platform recall times. It has been stripped of complicating effects and unnecessary gameplay elements.
  • Cross-platform in terms of operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows.
  • A striking expression of virtual reality technology is the Spartus and Cash & Camels slots. Where the player is fully immersed in a realistic game world. Where tabs and reels are formed all around the view and can spin at a single specific time. Which is good when the bonuses roll out in multiple free spins.

And the battle processes are exciting with the realistic appearance of the “target” from different sides with the effect of surprise. Thanks to this gamers are fully immersed in the game world and get satisfaction from the adrenaline produced and the realistic graphics of the virtual world.

Also of note is the implementation of 22 projects which translate the game in a lively manner. That is, in team games where there is an element of competition, it is possible to broadcast all the players’ actions in real-time. This allows you to see both the player himself and what he sees when he plays a particular slot.

Stefan van den Oetelaar, CEO of Stakelogic commented on the new platform as a refinement of the live casino experience. The player is now fully immersed in the gaming experience, which has allowed the staff to bring many new users to the brand. And win their hearts with their new developments.

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