PartyPoker Tournament Results – The Grand

PartyPoker Tournament Results – The Grand

Every week the PartyPoker room runs The Grand, a $1,050 tournament. The level of the guaranteed prize pool from the room is $150,000. Not always this tournament does not do without an overlay – in particular, this time the tournament collected 146 entrees, which was not enough to outbid the size of the guarantee – there was not enough $3.5 thousand.

Russian poker player Sergey Kolyakov showed a great result in the tournament – he became the runner-up of the tournament, receiving $23,24 thousand in prize money for his achievement.

However, Marius Gierse, a player from Australia, secured first place with prizes valued at $35,200. The player from Ukraine Nikolay Pelykh managed to reach the final of the tournament – he got $6,6 thousand for 6th place in the tournament.

Finally, one of the last players to make the final was Anatoly Filatov, a famous high roller from Russia. He made a mark in the payout table with a result of $4,690.

Let’s note that only 23 players got to the ITM zone due to a small number of endings and the minimum payout for a finalist was $2,250.

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